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Girl. 22. I just love a lot of things.

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billie piper week: day 3 (sept 18)

↳ favourite billie characters [1/2]   rose tyler

S4 best of: Deputy Jordan Parrish.

An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Paolo Sebastian S/S 2014-15 Haute Couture


I’m absolutely certain this has been posted several hundred times already, but it should never be forgotten. 


a guide for people who can’t tell the 90s from the early 2000s apart

  • if people are dressed in neon, it’s the 90simage
  • if people are dressed in space age metallics, it’s the 2000simage

Eddie Redmayne photographed by Brian Bowen Smith for M magazine fall issue. (x, x)

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The Theory of Everything

Eddie Redmayne sits for his portrait for W magazine at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

“With this film, there’s the fear of representing the science correctly, and representing the icon, Stephen Hawking, and his disease correctly. The stakes were pretty high. Fear was definitely the driving force behind my work. I gave up science when I was 12—I studied the history of art in university—so my greatest acting feat was pretending that I comprehended anything.”

Image size: 1542 x 2310 at 300dpi
Photography by Caitlin Cronenberg



Eddie Redmayne by  Ben Smithard






I’m anti-feminist for many of the same reasons I’m an atheist.

So you don’t believe women exist?

Its okay. I’m an atheist because I don’t believe in something I can’t see or touch. I suppose women are much like that for you.  

Somebody get him some ice.

okay, but a dude has to do it, cause he’s gonna freak the fuck out if he sees some floating ice coming over to him.


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"I’m sorry, that was awesome. It’s true what the other guys say, you are the smartest person to come through here."

"Is that - is that what they say? Yeah, well, maybe, I mean. Okay. Okay, Simmons is probably smarter, technically, but that’s because she likes homework more than life itself. She’s a walking encyclopaedia."

“It’s nice to have someone to talk shop with all the time or to just plain talk to.”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 deleted scene “The Smartest Person”


"Jemma Simmons! That guy was smoking hot. Did you guys…?"

"Only once. He has a low body fat percentage and his face is nice and symmetrical but he is a bit boring."

"I’ve got to admit, when I imagine you and Fitz at school, I just picture the two of you alone working in your lab, eating paste."

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 deleted scene “Simmons had boyfriends”

I was once a stripper named Diamond Dan.

Cressida, unlike many of the other Capitol-born rebels, is unfazed by the poor living conditions of District 13 and the devastation of the war, which makes her a good film director.

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